Yummy rice muffins, steamed instead of baked. 

Lovely Ateliers Penelope bags and Fog linens found in Singapore. Had a chat with Atomi shop owner Mitsuko san, she's really friendly. Do go check them out if you happen to be in Singapore.

HC did a rare thing and went clothes shopping. I think I love those french linen shirts more than he does.

Jiji the cat demonstrating how to always sit on the cushioned side of the seat, no matter how little of that cushion there might be, oh and showing off her favourite birds-ambushing spot.

How was your March? =)



I must admit I'm feeling a little sheepish here on several fronts.

Firstly, I didn't know that there was a difference between the golden hour and blue hour until today. I've always thought they were the same thing for the longest time. On hindsight now I'm thinking, how can they be the same when one is golden and the other is blue? Oh and the 3 photos above? That's the golden hour (I think).

Secondly, I've been staring at my Flickr account login page for more than a week now, completely and utterly incapable of recalling my password and username. My computer was in a critical condition a few weeks ago and the hard disk couldn't be revived so gone were all my important stored information too. 

HC was incredulous when I told him I can remember nothing of my Flickr account ("you didn't write it down anywhere?", "yeah I did... ...in my computer") *lol*. I guess I just have a knack for getting into fixes like this. Meanwhile I shall continue to stare at it in hope that some lucky streak of my memory will strike me.

Thanks a lot for all the well wishes for my interviews, they were a little tough (written tests, TV conference interviews etc... ...) but I guess I tried my best. Now to wait for news!



If you've noticed I've reshuffled things around here a bit. There were some alignments problems that were bugging me, luckily the reshuffle helped solved most of them, phew.

This week has been simple but nice, HC worked from home some days so there were lots of cooking in, reading and I didn't want to say this, cat naps alongside the cats.

A job interview came this week, another two the next, hope the tide is changing for something better.

Happy weekend everyone =)

Top>> Minneapolis
Bottom>> Nikko



We're enjoying the cat-sitting of this little guy. He can wait all day for his wet food.



"Don’t focus on how you rank in comparison to others — life is not a competition. It’s a journey. We are all on a journey, to find something, to become something, to learn, to create. That journey has nothing to do with how well other people are doing, or what they have. It has everything to do with what we want to do, and where we want to go. That’s all you need to worry about."

Something wise a friend forwarded me recently. Self-help usually don't sit that well with me but I did like some of the things he said.

On the other hand, echoing Brian in his post here, I'm finding it very hard to settle down. I keep starting something and stopping halfway, nothing feels quite right. I talk to my friends in Japan, they're feeling the anxiety on the ground. Praying for things to turn out well.



I was out when the phone call came yesterday, and the people who immediately came to my mind, HC's little brother, my homestay family, friends, close ex-colleagues. The lines were congested and nothing got through until late evening when the emails started coming in.

Some had been walking for more than 6 hours trying to get home, some were staying over in their offices for the night with the transport down. Some told me of having no electricity in their homes in this winter cold, but luckily none of them were hurt. 

Scarier than the earthquake itself perhaps, were the tsunamis and fires seen on NHK. They are still registering aftershocks and tsunami warnings now.

Our hearts go out to Japan today, there's no need for more words.



I'm not really that much of a pink person so I'm not quite sure why there seems to be so much of that in my photos. Maybe I have some subconscious hidden attraction to that colour... ...I hope not.



I'm uploading this to a background of "Wheeee"... ..."Snort snort"... ..."CRASH". That's HC playing with the 'angry birds' game in the living room. My laptop has tragically died on me and is now at the Sony hospital. In Chinese we have a saying, "中看不中用" which basically means "Good to see but not that great for use", and I think it perfectly fits the description of my wretched laptop, which has only been with me for maybe 6 months? HC claims that because I've monopolized his computer so he has nothing to do but to play with that fly-the-crazy-birds game. To tell the truth that cheeky opening tune is totally stuck in my head.

These were shot when HC was away for 2 weeks recently. I basically messed around the kitchen, tried out recipes and got my poor friends over to be guinea pigs (I do have the best friends^^). My mom fell victim too and the above were shots of what I cooked for lunch for the both of us *lol* If you're looking to try a new salad sauce to go with your greens I highly recommend japanese sesame mayo dressing, it's basically yum on everything!



Doesn't he makes you want to laugh?

I've just realized that he looks really good in black and white because he is erm, black and white. Though effectively he's actually black on white because if you part the fur on the black spots you'll see white beneath, meaning his fur is bottom half white, upper half black? We've asked his parents but they don't seem to know too, it's kind of a great mystery.

Edit>> Ai san was nice to send me a link to help solve a bit of the black on white mystery. "... ...the way that cats' coat patterns are determined is like pouring sauce over white cats from on high." Now everytime I look at him I imagine someone having poured black sauce over him and I can't help giggling.