The famous Sou Sou street.

This one? I went back more than once to drool over everything, and of course, get socks for everyone.


Mina Perhonen !

I think I went more than a bit gaga here. Just looking at all the fabrics, motifs and colours kept me smiling for the rest of the day.

Oh and that building it was in was a dream.



On the second day we headed to the Higashiyama region for the Shimogamo Jinja and Chionji Temple. Both were lesser known by Kyoto standards, but I was drawn to the prior which was nestled in a small forest and the latter because of the monthly handcrafted flea market.

 The temple in the little forest.

It was so lovely and uncrowded and peaceful.

The little pea instantly fell asleep and we had a stolen quiet moment to ourselves listening to the rustling of the leaves.

Staple of every Japan trip, while HC got high on highball.

We made it just in time for the flea market. So many stalls, so little time.

Little pea was really busy going "wooo" over things that caught her eye and smiling and waving to the ojisans and obasans who kept calling out to her. Poor HC was even busier trying not to let her grab everything in her way while I poked around.

It was a very good day *lol*



Or so I would believe what they say, after losing count on our way to the top.

Things I remembered fondly about that day:

Ditching the stroller halfway up the mountain, and trusting that it will still be there for us on the way down (it's Japan afterall).

Kindly people calling out "頑張って(ganbatte)" and "大変だね" as they walked past HC with the little pea on the steps.

Little pea pointing out "Kitsune the Fox!" all through the climb and having her taste of ice-cream for the first time.

Chatting with a friendly French couple who played with the pea during our break. "Comment ça va?" was as far as my French went but it does help to break the ice and bring on a smile. Maybe I need to make some time for my French again...language is such as special thing.

@The Fushimi Inari


We didn't have much time for coffee and people-watching this time round, but we did manage to make a few pit-stops and Inoda Coffee was one of them. Their fruit sandwiches were as good as reviews go (the little pea kept pointing for more). This was the Kiyomizu branch and the shop was just gorgeous.



A very short first day, trying to get our bearings and a routine for the pea for the next two weeks. We were lucky to have had seven slow days in Kyoto, so that there were not so much stress to get too much done in a day.
From top:
イクメン・バンザイ (cheers to my ikumen)
The little pea walks the philosopher's path.
Leftover beauty, we were one week post sakura peak.
Wabi-sabi Ginkakuji.
Beautiful tori gate outside the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art. We didn't make it in time for the museum, which was sad because I would have liked to see the interior. The building's a beautiful piece of art deco.