Just a few randoms from the streets. I would really like to wander around the old city center a bit more next time. 

Or maybe Chow Kit?



I liked it so much I went back again, this time with my Nikon and without the kids. 

It felt a little strange at first, just being the two of us, though after five minutes it was more like "oh I could get used to this". After all, it has only been the last seven years out of the twenty-two together that our lives had been turned upside down (haha).

P.S. the covers of the vintage New Yorkers are so well done.

@The Zhongshan Building, KL


This time round in KL, we went to a place called Farm in the City.

The giant tortoises were adorable, and the girls had fun. 

Though some of the cages... ...and a big chained up eagle made me sad.

One of the things I love about film photography. I twisted the rewind dial by mistake and voila, two pictures in one.

We were supposed to go to Kafe Kleptokrat after, but we ended up here instead.

The AC was a relief from the heat of KL.

Right beside these coffee, there was a young guy with a vintage-looking camera, which got me all excited (wow film is really making a comeback!) until I spotted an LCD panel behind it. Sad again.

This beautiful garden was a surprise at the back of the cafe.

And of course the kids... ...

... ...went all wild in it.

Manual focusing and kids are really a nightmare. Though who am I to complain, a long time ago photographers were lugging these cameras to the world wars and Vietnam.

When your three-year-old misses her nap. The seven-year-old went a bit haywire too after drinking too much chocolate.

Riwayat Bookstore right next door. HC bought a Lat comic here. I've never heard of Lat, maybe it's a Malaysian childhood thing?



Such a uniquely film thing, what I take when I need to finish up a roll.

From top:

Do they still use these in HK, or has everything changed? (I miss my HK friends)

The little Pea loves to paint.

Dressing up a plain wall with two cheeky monkeys.





Before we go on, there should perhaps be a label warning that this is going to be a "crazy-cat-lady-who-can't-stop-taking-pictures-of-cats" (or of her kids for that matter) kind of post.

So in any case should this sound somewhat unappealing to you, it might be good to turn off your browser right now.

If not, do meander on as I ramble :)

This place we went to actually feels more like a cafe with cats, rather than a cat cafe. Seems like they did a move from their original location in Imbi. I wonder why.

Not that there was a lack of felines.

They were everywhere.

This one was a favourite. It was sleeping the whole time beside somebody's coffee.

I wish it would come sleep beside mine.

First time I've heard of croffles actually... ...

... ...though these were really good.

For almost two hours, the girls were in their "la-la land".

And so was I in mine.

@Monster. A Garden Cafe

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