She is two, and no longer a baby. 

Running, scooting, asking lots of questions... ...'Where?', "What happened?" and when I say no, 'Why?'. 

Strange fondness for crocodiles and snails (my older girl likes dinosaurs and sharks).

A total plane-spotter (we're near the airport), though it's ironic that she's born in an era where nobody can take a plane.

Still lacking prepositions in her dialogue... ...'Go (with) Mama!', 'Meimei sit (on) chair!'.

Highly addicted to her purpur (she can't manage the 4-syllabur 'pacifier' yet), which we'll probably need to wean her off at some point, though as your average second-time parents, we're mostly adopting a relaxed 'we'll see' attitude *lol*.

Happy birthday my little peanut, don't grow up too fast.



Because kids and cats and even our homes change so much, sometimes even as I snap I feel that all I'm trying to hold on to is an irrevocably tiny moment in time.

2021 is almost halfway gone.


Like the rest of the world, we had nowhere to go, so we checked in at a local stay on the Pea's sixth birthday.

It was very relaxing, and very nice, but I can't believe I'm going to be the mama of a primary school kid soon.

@Shangri-La Singapore



The little Pea was at a pottery class near home (we past by the place one day and she didn't want to leave), so I took my FM2 for a spin. It was fun but what can I say, the light at high noon looks really... ...really... ...terrible.

Next time I need to sign her up for the 4.30pm class *lol*.

@The Yards Telok Kurau



Weather has been so good recently so we went for a picnic. This was Fujifilm but the orange sun made everything looked rather Kodak (hmm... ...I'm not sure I like it).

On a side note, the photo shop I go to is one of the last remaining film labs around, so I live in constant fear that there will come a day when they tell me they're not doing this anymore, but apparently the lab lady told me that she has had lots of really young people coming in for the past year, buying and developing, so maybe there is still hope for film yet?

Though I'm amused, what is it about analogue that can be drawing these born and bred digital natives?

@Singapore Botanic Gardens

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