One of the things I have the sweetest memories of in Tokyo were the weekend inaka outings with my friends. When you don't have family with you, your friends become your family, and you don't easily forget that. 

Sifting through all my old photos makes me so nostalgic, but also puts such a big smile on my face :)



I was going to upload these on Friday night but got all nice and sleepy making dinner and feeding the cat. It's the start of another week again tomorrow but I'm looking forward to it because it's bringing a classica sister to Singapore, and I can't wait to go walking, eating and of course, shooting with her!

My normal mornings to work unfortunately looks very much like the above (the door literally closes at my face), but I'm learning not to let it get to me. 

Have a good week ahead (even if there's work!). Don't lose yourself, keep at your own pace and I believe everything will be alright.

Good night :)



The home where HC grew up. 

I have been there many times but this was the first time I've thought to bring my camera. I think my favourite thing there has to be the vegetable patch in the garden. His parents don't believe in pesticides so sometimes if you look carefully enough you can see cute little red ladybugs and yellow butterflies flitting around.



Some leftovers from New Zealand. 

These are some of the very few shots I took in Christchurch. The top 2 were from my favourite shop, Infinite Definite at this amazing shopping outfit called Re:Start. For one I never knew shipping containers can look so good.