I realized I've actually not introduced her properly yet, so here's 10 trivia.

1>> We found her when she was a couple of months old, leaping around at a construction site near our home. When we went near slowly she didn't run and hide like most kittens do. Instead she meowed a 'hello' and flipped over onto her back, wanting to play.

2>> We couldn't find a proper box, so she came home to us in a timberland shopping bag. She still loves paper bags now and you can hold the straps and carry her in one like you do groceries.

3>> The animal doctor we brought her to was surprised to find her a girl. Apparently most gingers are boys.

4>> She yawns at the specialty toys we get from the pet shop, but goes crazy over a leftover cable-tie or an old shoe box (we're not complaining).

5>> Her antennae looking tail is bent at a right angle, making her look like a fifth teletubby.

6>> She blends in perfectly with our birch and white home, prompting friends to ask if that was the reason why we got her. We like to joke that if we change the theme of the house we'll need to get another cat.

7>> Her favourite past-time include cliff-hanging from our window grills and dragging down clothes from the laundry line.

8>> She'll always greet us at the door when we're home without fail.

9>> She'll always give us wet-nose kisses and wake us up early in the morning without fail (we're complaining a little... ...especially on weekends).

10>> She's totally convinced that one day she'll catch a bird, even though our windows are completely mashed (we live on the 9th floor), so even after so long she's still crash-jumping onto the mash everytime a bird flies by.

In a nutshell... ...we're really fond of the little cat =)