Everyday scenes at home :)

I've finally took the plunge and got myself a new old camera to replace my Minolta. The Minolta has been a really good companion for the past six years, but recently I've been craving for better and unfortunately, more expensive lenses (ouch).

I've been so busy though that I haven't had much time to test it out, except for a few quick snaps around the house. I think I'll need a few more rolls before I can deliver the verdict, hmm.

Meanwhile we're off to Denmark come end of next week! No grand plans, just driving around, enjoy the country and hopefully visit lots and lots of design museums (Arne Jacobsen! Finn Juhl!). I hope to have plenty of photos to share when I'm back (oh please don't fail me my dear new old camera).

Oh and if anyone's interested in a vintage Minolta X-700, do drop me a line. It's in a good condition except for some general servicing needed, which I'll probably do so before I pass it on. I'll be sad to let it go but there's really no point in letting it spend its days in a dry cabinet, a camera's got to be well-used and loved.

Chat again when we're back ;)

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