Doesn't he makes you want to laugh?

I've just realized that he looks really good in black and white because he is erm, black and white. Though effectively he's actually black on white because if you part the fur on the black spots you'll see white beneath, meaning his fur is bottom half white, upper half black? We've asked his parents but they don't seem to know too, it's kind of a great mystery.

Edit>> Ai san was nice to send me a link to help solve a bit of the black on white mystery. "... ...the way that cats' coat patterns are determined is like pouring sauce over white cats from on high." Now everytime I look at him I imagine someone having poured black sauce over him and I can't help giggling.


  1. I have something that might be of your interest regarding cats:


    It's quite fascinating (I'm not talking about my blog but the logic behind cats patterns.).

    BTW, I want your cat. So cute. ;-)

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Love your cat.

  3. Aw how cute, I would put him on cover page of elegant cats!

  4. Ai-san: Thanks for the link! Now I look at the cat and I keep thinking of someone pouring syrup over him and I crack up. He's actually not mine (we're cat-sitting) but will be with us for the next 8 months or so. You should really get one, you seem like such a cat person =)

    Hermine: No problem and thank you.

    Karen: Haha he cracks me up with his stunts sometimes, I've never seen a cat sit the way he does.

  5. hello! your blog is lovely as well! I love your photographs. i love your lighting!

  6. he looks quite adventurous! such a cutie.

  7. Amanda Jane, Alice: Thanks a lot!

  8. on the last picture it looks like he wants to attack something : )

  9. How is Mr Housecat? He does seem like a home buddy.


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