A sunny stroll around Yanesen.

A visit to a cafe with snoozing cats.

A doughnut picnic in Ueno Koen.

A mumble jumble of photos taken on the last day in Tokyo.



Realized that I haven't blogged in quite a while, so decided to take a peek while the laundry's spinning. I still have half a roll stuck in my Minolta from Tokyo (it always happens) and I'm wondering how to use it up in a good way.

Random things going on recently:

o Been on a shopping 'fast' for more than 2 months, except for basics like food and little everyday things that need replacing. I thought if I stop myself from buying things I would be able to think of nothing but buying things. Seems that I'm wrong. Seems that it's enough to love beautiful things without wanting to bring them home.

o My favourite cake shop is currently closed. Though I can do without shoes and clothes and bags, I feel sad when there's no more cheese souffle cake.

o Which leads to me thinking of baking things myself. HC and I are thinking of starting with scones (a favourite). We've been having home-cooked food a bit more too, which makes me happy.

o And on the topic of home-cooked food, please allow me to rave about my love for our local wet markets. The stall aunties and uncles are generally friendly and give you good advice depending on what you want to cook. Oh and where else can you buy a single stalk of leek?

Hope to have more photos to show you soon. Happy weekend!