I went back again shortly after this :)
If you are in Singapore and you really like cakes, do check them out.



I seldom do 'book reviews' but sometime back I received a lovely package with a photo book of one of my favourite Japanese photographers (Thank you B!), and I found it irresistible to take some shots to show you. Mika Ninagawa is so famous for her brilliant use of colours that there has been a term coined as 'Ninagawa Colour'. When I was living in Tokyo I could always spot her photos right off, whether it's a sticker on a makeup bottle, a flip in a magazine or a huge advertisement billboard on the street.

The last photo was something I shot many years back under some heavy Ninagawa influence ;)

Happy weekend!



The last morning in Akaroa, we slept in, checked out late, before hitting the road again.

But first, breakfast at The Stables Bar & Cafe.

The outdoor seats were scattered among a garden of lavender, roses, hydrangeas and more (my flower vocabulary is limited), but it smelled heavenly.

I just had to sneak in this photo of our neighbours. Beers for breakfast, how tempting!

But I decided to be sensible instead. Though I can't say eggs benedict are a whole lot healthier.

Off we go after breakfast.

These signs were irresistible, and so we pulled in.

And ended up with the sweetest-smelling hand carry luggage we've ever had.

Everything in the little shop was picked from their orchards.

Halfway through the journey we stopped for a coffee and snack break at a small but interesting town called Little River.

The Little River Cafe & Store. Organic coffee and pastries at the cafe, crafts by local designers in the store and don't miss the gallery tucked at the end featuring original NZ art exhibits.



Ranked #01 thing to do in Akaroa by the Lonely Planet Guide, it's website said: "Absolutely no bus groups or tours please." 

We loved it. 



A few of my favourites from Akaroa. I'm not totally done with NZ yet, so I'll upload them on and off. It's a long weekend here and I've been catching up on some shuteye, reading about why the Danes are so happy, and Jante's Law.

I think Sandemose might have been leaning too much on one end of the scale but then again individualism never made anyone that happy either.

Maybe I need to start planning that trip to Denmark to find out ;)