It's always great when good friends visit from abroad because you get to do all the things that you keep putting off otherwise.

Like visiting new museums.

I'm seriously tired of local cafes that only look good but not taste good, so I was pleasantly surprised by All Good Things. Weeks on and I'm still thinking about their cheese souffle cake.

We were only going to share one but look what happened.

I miss this girl already.

I will also remember March as a month full of goodbyes.



Looking out from our cabin in Kaikoura.

We saw quaint little shops operating from the front of homes as we walked to the town centre.

The big fonts, the smell of used books, and all that wood. I loved it.

Had a little chat with the nice lady owner. I was looking for a book by A.H Reed.

The town centre.

Kaikoura is actually famous for 2 things: whales (watching) and crayfish. In fact, 'Kaikoura' literally means 'to eat crayfish'.

And so eat crayfish we did.

Though we missed out on the whales. It was a gale-warning day.

I would like to go back again, even if it's just for the whales.



Back to the South Island. This time we went by the ferry and the train, just for a bit of variety before we pick up the car again.



On our last day in Wellington, we had breakfast at a nice little place near our hotel - Cafe Breton.

At first I thought the french decor thing was just a theme.

Until I overheard all the staff chatting in french.

My La Kiwi  buckwheat crepe, afterall I am in New Zealand!

We chanced upon this street on the way back from the Dowse Museum the day before. The shops looked interesting so we went back.

Little did we know that it's actually quite famous. And that it even has its own webpage.

Another surprise because HC wanted to peep at the sea. The Petone Settlers Museum.

We learnt what happened between the Pākehā (European settlers) and the Māori. It got us thinking.

Back at the city center later that day.

Aren't the banks in the olden days gorgeous? I probably would have had to get all dressed up just to take out some money.