Just a few randoms from the streets. I would really like to wander around the old city center a bit more next time. 

Or maybe Chow Kit?



I liked it so much I went back again, this time with my Nikon and without the kids. 

It felt a little strange at first, just being the two of us, though after five minutes it was more like "oh I could get used to this". After all, it has only been the last seven years out of the twenty-two together that our lives had been turned upside down (haha).

P.S. the covers of the vintage New Yorkers are so well done.

@The Zhongshan Building, KL


This time round in KL, we went to a place called Farm in the City.

The giant tortoises were adorable, and the girls had fun. 

Though some of the cages... ...and a big chained up eagle made me sad.

One of the things I love about film photography. I twisted the rewind dial by mistake and voila, two pictures in one.

We were supposed to go to Kafe Kleptokrat after, but we ended up here instead.

The AC was a relief from the heat of KL.

Right beside these coffee, there was a young guy with a vintage-looking camera, which got me all excited (wow film is really making a comeback!) until I spotted an LCD panel behind it. Sad again.

This beautiful garden was a surprise at the back of the cafe.

And of course the kids... ...

... ...went all wild in it.

Manual focusing and kids are really a nightmare. Though who am I to complain, a long time ago photographers were lugging these cameras to the world wars and Vietnam.

When your three-year-old misses her nap. The seven-year-old went a bit haywire too after drinking too much chocolate.

Riwayat Bookstore right next door. HC bought a Lat comic here. I've never heard of Lat, maybe it's a Malaysian childhood thing?



Such a uniquely film thing, what I take when I need to finish up a roll.

From top:

Do they still use these in HK, or has everything changed? (I miss my HK friends)

The little Pea loves to paint.

Dressing up a plain wall with two cheeky monkeys.