Took a walk with my camera after work. My office happens to be in a very touristy part of town.  

Went to the museum to see what it takes to be a Lego Artist. So who says you have to be an accountant or a lawyer?

And I went back again and again and again. Cheese souffle everytime. Yum.




Michael BublĂ© sounds so good when your photos are going badly. 

Two rolls of thirty-six and I can't pull out five shots I like. 

And while I'm pondering if my camera's due for some general servicing, I shall put on more jazz and go to sleep. 

Good night.



The Coastal Settlement at Changi + Supermama at 8Q.

Just dropping by to say hello, with a few from the new roll.



At and around the Kurino station in Kagoshima. I can't remember why I had forgotten to upload these before with the rest of the Kyushu photos, but here they are.

Waiting to drop off a roll at the lab tomorrow. Last week had been a fun one with friends dropping in from HK and Tokyo. HC and I played tour guide and I got the chance to pick up my Minolta again while doing a bit of exploring around the island.

Trying not to let the blog lay fallow for so long. I had a grand total of 1 post in March and this is already April! Will post something again soon, meanwhile hope everyone gets a good recharge before the new week begins.

Oh and just in case you might be interested, a great book that I've been eating up in chunks. It makes me feel less bad about wanting to potter around at home all the time ;)