The things that she says nowadays makes me laugh.


Hands me a plastic ice cream cone.

'Mama you want ice cream?'
'Ok thank you.'

After pretending to eat I put it aside and continued typing.
She ran back after a while.

'Mama, where's the ice cream?'
'In my tummy yum yum'
'You ate the TOY?'


She was carrying a small goodie bag.

'Was it your friend's birthday in school today?'
'Yes got birthday cake and candles!'
'Did you sing happy birthday to your friend?'
'Yes, teacher told me not to sing so loudly.'


Conversation on the bus.

'Look that's popo (grandma)'s old school.'
'Popo went to school?'
'Yes when she was a little girl.'
'Did you bring popo to school?'


Walks out of school looking very solemn.

'Mama, there's a thinking chair in school.'
'Oh what's a thinking chair?'
'If you do something naughty you have to sit on the thinking chair.'
'And what do you have to do on the thinking chair?'
'Hmm... ...you have to cry.'




I've always thought of our Gardens by the Bay as a bit of a joke because, after homes, malls, offices, eating places, schools and playgrounds, it has taken our tropical national love of air-conditioning to the next level; we have gone and air-conditioned an entire garden. 

And true to my Singapore blood, it's one of my favourite places to be, where instead of being hot and sticky and swatting off bugs, I can enjoy loveliness at a comfortable climate-controlled 24 degrees C.

Above taken when I had a very good day with my mom recently (she loves flowers), sans Pea ;)



I checked back on my blog posts and realized that this is the first roll from my Nikon after four years (how did that happen?). Testing out this roll indoors at home on the ISO100, I've forgotten how powerful the nifty-fifty is.

Minus the challenge of a squirmy toddler (and cats for that matter) with manual focusing, I think I might have fallen in love with this camera all over again.