We hadn't planned on Enoshima initially but at the last minute decided to drop by and see if we could spot some cats (the place's full of them). Imagine our surprise when we didn't come across a single one during our first half of the walk towards the beach. 

A tad disappointed, we decided to take a break at a little traditional sweets shop for some macha and good old warabi-mochi. But as the sun slowly set towards the horizon, almost like magic we saw them appear one by one, from bushes and under fences, as though some internal clock had woken them from their naps and cued them for their evening strolls all at the same time.

Or maybe, something like instinct had told them that it was dinnertime ;)



I can't remember exactly how many times I've been there, or even what I had always done, but walking around this place always put me in an instant good mood.

We were too early for the famous purple ajisai.

But stumbled upon the bunny and turtle in B's photo. (B! I've just realized, the turtle's moved!)

A signboard for coffee among the many residential homes.

As beautiful as what I had expected.

We were in between breakfast and lunch, and so had the place all to ourselves.

We only walked a little bit more.

Before deciding that we could do lunch again.

Kyorai-an (去来庵)

A Jap friend once told me that if I wanted really good food, go to the small shops that don't have a variety. This one offered nothing but beef stew, and it was good, so good.



I think Japan is possibly one of the last remaining places where people would even think about opening a new bookshop. I was only there for an hour or two and I couldn't bear to leave! Thank goodness they had a good English section to entertain HC the whole time we were there.

I find bookshops closing almost as heartbreaking as films going out of production.

@Daikanyama T-Site



Isn't the place just beautiful?

I've been trying to get to this cafe for the past 2 trips but either due to bad timing or my terrible sense of direction, could never find it on my own. This time I enlisted some extra help :D

If you spot a strange 'intruder' in the photos above, don't be alarmed, it's just HC's Stick Man who has been tagging along with us on this trip. HC has had lots of fun making him do all kinds of weird things while I was happily snapping away.

@Hara Donuts



HC will tell you this is more than just a bigger-than-usual robot, it's the RG 1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. GFT.

He would later go on to bring home an RG 1/144 himself, though I think what he really wanted was the life-size one.

I told him we could pay for all the season parking lots and put it at the open-air carpark right in front of our flat, and we'll be able to see him everyday from outside our window *lol*

Teasing aside, I think I surprised myself by having a few 'wow' moments too.