Extremely random indeed, as the bulk of the day was spent happily shopping.

Toyosu is a place we always drop by when in Tokyo, mainly because the Lalaport area is so nice for a walk and because HC loves his Rakeru.

This time round we stumbled upon a bunch of show-houses at the Toyosu Machina Park, which was fun to poke around and chat with the sales people about differences in the living norms of Japan and Singapore. They had a hard time visualizing how we put out our laundry old-HDB style.


  1. i love yoyosu lalaport too! remember we went there to have yakun, hahaha
    u know tachigawa have a new lalaport? want to go there next time to tokyo!

    1. Yah that was my first time there! With all of you! Really miss those days. You know we have already know each other for 10 years?! Crazy, times fly so fast.