I started laughing halfway through this post because I suddenly remembered seeing my mom's Paris photos once and not having a clue where she had been because they were all close-ups of flowers, well mine here are nothing but trees (oh and maybe HC). Must be some hereditary streak of a dominant gene.

Other randoms. HC's stickman found a new friend, though I've never heard of a C-3PO lookalike being friends with a trooper.

The Egeskov castle was very beautiful but it was the grounds that I loved the most. Near the main castle were huge barns housing museums of vintage Harleys, fancy sportscars, firetrucks and even WWII planes, but I had to fall for the only bus in the collection, a 1950 Bristol K. After all those years of service, it drove itself to its final resting place all the way from the UK.

You can find out more about the castle here if you like.


  1. such a trooper shot ;)

    it's the same with my photographs. I take landscapes and fail to take my fellow travellers. that's why these days I'm trying to capture friendship through the camera more :)

    1. Haha I think I might just be taking too much photos of HC, but he's just such an unnoticing kind of person I can happily snap away. It's interesting to see Singapore through your lens. I think sometimes we just fail to see so much due too much familiarity with places and people.