My first jet-lagged view. Hello København.

First encounter with Danish humour (I like it). Oh and in case you didn't know, the UN said so.

Our first destination, the pretty city of Odense. After 13 hours overnight on the plane, HC drove for almost 2 hours in a fully manual car on the complete opposite side of the road. Yes, he's a very good driver.

The home and museum of the most famous writer of fairy tales. Ugly duckling, princess and the pea, little mermaid, the emperor's new clothes... ...all that we knew and loved as children, but wait, what about the metal pig, the dumb book and... ...the girl who trod on a loaf?

The writer himself, a funny man who was too tall for his time and loved paper cuttings. It sounds terrible but to be honest, I don't quite remember a lot of what else I saw inside.

In fact, I don't think I quite remember much of what happened on that first day... ...

Oops, did I mention the jet-lag already? I promise you a better post for the second day.


  1. looks really amazing :) wanna go there one day too!

    1. Please do, it's a beautiful place. I'll leave links along the way for good places to stay and eat!