On a rare rare Monday, I got out of the office at one, and these were what I saw.

Pretty but a-tad-intimidating-to-enter shops.

So I took peeps from their windows instead.

I took a long date at this bright white space with my book. I loved the many-sided issues that it discussed but it made me a little sad at what our world has become.

I highly recommend the bread, probably some of the best I've tasted here, but the supposedly roasted chicken... ...didn't quite taste like chicken.

Out of the cafe and wanting to finish my book, I headed for the Gardens. It's been a while.

And the smell of all that freshly-cut grass... ...a heavenly end to the Monday.



I can just imagine what it looks like in Tokyo right now. In the parks, by the rivers and even along the everyday streets where Japanese go about their usual activities.

This was the first photo I took on the first day of my life in Tokyo ages ago. I remembered spotting flashes of pretty pink on the train from the airport to the city, but imagine the catch in my breath when I opened the window of the room to be my new home and saw... ...this.

Coincidentally, on the day I left, the weather took a sudden warm turn, and I was greeted by the same scene again, the little buds coming into full bloom days earlier than expected.

It made it so much harder to say goodbye.

Everyone's been asking if we would be going again this year (yes we go almost every year, erm, sometimes twice) and to be honest, Kyoto was on my mind, but we've booked tickets for 2 weeks to the land of Lego, Finn Juhl and accordingly to the UN, the happiest people in the world.

We can't wait :)



The countless myriad little ways that makes your home, your home.

We've been reshuffling, dismantling, repurposing and here comes my favourite part, throwing things out. 

You know when you first move in with someone, you listen to all the things people tell you, you buy all the stuff you were supposed to buy for a home, when alas! relieved to have seemingly gathered all that you should need, you realized at one point, you have one too many things, and they were not what you wanted at all.

So it was the same in our home, where we bought a sleek TV when all we listened to was music, where we bought a pretty bed frame when we were most happy curled up on a mattress on the floor.

Thinking back, it would have been smarter and much more sensible, if we had waited and see how our lives worked out and fitted together before slowly deciding what we would have needed, or not, one thing at a time.

Just a few thoughts before I gather the cats to bed. It feels so good to clear your life of all the things that you don't need. 

Good night.



In books, greens, windows, walls, spaces and faces.



At home with two sleepyheads today.

I haven't done one on the little cat in a long while. She's a bit over four (just a good guess, we picked her up from the streets) and not so little anymore, but she still seems like a kitten to me.

Musings of a crazy cat lady.

I've also been so missing from this blog (sorry!). It seems that more and more I'm pulling out my iphone instead of my minolta or classica. Ah the quick and easy lure of instagram. A lot of my favourite photo blogs have been lying fallow for a long time too. I think I can understand why but truth is, I've really missed them.

Let's hope this is a good re-start to an old well-loved hobby turned lazy. 

Have a good one!

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