We spent a slow week in Hakone after HC ended his busy meetings and I revisited the Little Prince Museum on a cloudy day with the little pea. This time round it was so lovely because we had almost the entire place to ourselves, taking time to see the exhibits and letting the pea run as much as she liked.



I brought HC and the little pea to stay with my ex-homestay family in Tokyo for the first time. It was good to find everything as it had always been, the cozy house, the warm family, gathering around for dinner, catching up.

One of my homestay sisters brought her little girl, and we were at first a little worried about how these two were going to communicate, but it was no matter, they blabbered and giggled and rolled around on the floor together holding hands, and watching them play I could easily forget that ballistic missiles are flying out of North Korea, Syria's still a heartbreaking mess and there's a president that I don't like in the US.



Extremely random indeed, as the bulk of the day was spent happily shopping.

Toyosu is a place we always drop by when in Tokyo, mainly because the Lalaport area is so nice for a walk and because HC loves his Rakeru.

This time round we stumbled upon a bunch of show-houses at the Toyosu Machina Park, which was fun to poke around and chat with the sales people about differences in the living norms of Japan and Singapore. They had a hard time visualizing how we put out our laundry old-HDB style.



Beautiful and disturbing.

And that amazing use of colour.

I can't wait for the big one here in June.



I cannot remember how long I have been following Hiki's blog. It was right after my year in Tokyo, before the string of companies I would join, before I got married, moved and before any of my cats or the little pea came along; which is to say is a pretty long time, but it was and still is one of my favourite blogs around.

So this trip was made especially special because I got to visit her finally, in her lovely little shoppe in Azabudai. She was as sweet as I had imagined her to be.

There's been a lot of flak about the superficiality of blogs, chats and Instagram for that matter, but I'm grateful to have met these friends, some of whom I've known online for years, and life has been all the more richer and inspiring because of them, albeit if it's just through their comments and photos.

Do check out Hiki's shoppe if you happen to be in Tokyo, the building it's in was so beautiful too!

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