I was just chatting with a friend on how I miss the pretty coats and boots and caps and scarves that come with winter. I want to live somewhere where I can wear them ;)

I'm sorry I wasn't in time to say merry christmas, but here's wishing you a great 2012, with all the hopes and dreams and love we can muster for the new year. Stay warm and take care.


  1. I hear ya, lovely pictures and pretty hats!

  2. I so agree with you. Here in Bombay we hardly have a winter but I'm wearing boots anyway that I would look really silly wearing in Summer. Happy Holidays!

  3. what a great wish! and i love love this second photo. i wish i lived somewhere like this too so i could wear a hat in the same way :)

  4. chanced upon your page and I love the photos :)

    I also saw a post on Asuka (Nara) - a place I thought I'd be keen on. your comment on skipping it unless we're really into the countryside made me laugh ;)

  5. Happy happy new year everyone! It's been a great thing knowing you and your photos. Thank you always for your kind words and encouragement about my pictures, especially at times when I myself can't raise much enthusiasm about them.

    Hello m, thank you =) My friend and I spent the entire day walking around there, the countryside is photogenic but if you're really seriously looking for some attraction or sight, there really isn't much. We did check out some of their historical spots, but the ruins were all barely there and the areas were very small.

    I would recommend the 'Kurumi no Ki' cafe and shops at Nara though. If you're going and need some questions answered feel free to email me =)

  6. Very happy year Shirley, I wish you great happiness!