HC got an unexpected call for a week of work in Tokyo and so me, the constant free-rider (i.e. an individual who pays less than their fair share of the cost of a common resource), got my wish for donning winter scarves and boots. It was also my first time in Tokyo to stay in a proper hotel, I usually crash with good friends (see: free-rider definition above again) or stay budget.

First to some of our favourite haunts. If you know HC's penchant for eggs you'll know why we have to go Rakeru everytime.

Randomly checking out some of Tokyo's beautiful shops, it's very lucky that I'm more of a love-looking-less-buying kind of person.

This shop stopped me in my tracks but sadly it was closed. I think I spent around 10 minutes in the freezing cold trying to peep into the interior.

A Japanese friend used to call me hare-onna or sunny-girl because it appears that everytime I go out with her it will be sunny (even if the weather forecast confidently says 'cloudy' or 'rain'), but the sun only shone one day when I was there this time, I guess my hare powers must have been weakened by my long absence from Japan.

More photos coming up, but first to all who celebrate, Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Gong Xi!


  1. So much nice places you've been too!

  2. Gong Xi Fa Chai! Lovely scenes , are you there spending new years? Lovely scenes and love to one day walk into THAT store too!!

    1. *lol* it takes a lot of self control not to go crazy in Tokyo. I love artisan products but really can't afford to spend $40 to $50 on a broom, which is what they are worth because of the beautiful craftsmanship. I'm happy just looking.

      CNY is my favourite festive season so I couldn't stay away overseas ;) Hope you had a good time too!

  3. looks like a great little trip!

  4. Never been there but it's definitely on my list of places to visit before I die. It looks beautiful at this time of the year! :)

  5. Thanks everyone! I still have a few more Tokyo posts to go so bear with me!