Eating, drinking, walking, oh and chasing cats (as always). The last of our little holiday.

Top few are of a quaint shop, the 'Limau Limau Cafe'. We went back twice for the lychee and dragonfruit freezes. They were that good.


  1. I want to spend an entire day chasing cats!
    lychee and dragon fruit freezes sound heavenly!
    What is that in the third photograph? It looks delicious!

  2. hi, i really love your photographs, simple and rustic :) may i know what camera models are u using?

  3. Hello Karen, yes their luau pie ti were especially yummy, I've no idea why!

    Hi Celine, hahaha you're welcome to join our crazy cat-chasing club anytime! That's the lychee and dragon fruit freezes that we were having. I think they take the fresh fruit and puree them with ice, probably doesn't sound enticing in Canada now, but it tasted great in the heat of Malacca!

    Hello, thanks for dropping by. I use the Minolta x-700, which is a film slr :)

  4. Such a tiny cat. It's so cute that both the dog and the cat have red collars on.

  5. Love the decor & those freezes. May I ask which cam you're using?

  6. Hello Ai san, haha funny thing you pointed out. Coincidentally, my cat's collar is red too. Is there something about red collars I wonder.

    Hi Magali, thank you =) I use a Minolta X-700.