Some perhaps, rather un-Macau-ish Macau photos that I love.

Portuguese everywhere, instead of English.

Yummy pork-chop burgers, only in Macau. B's Kimu-Taku brothers came along too.

An interesting shop area we found near Largo do Senado. The pet cat, which doubles up as the mascot wanders freely around several shops in the block including a cozy independent bookshop, Pin-to Book.

I'm back in Singapore already but there should still be quite a bit of Macau and HK photos coming up, I shot so many! Have a good week everyone, I'm starting first day of work here tomorrow^^


  1. your pictures are always interesting and inspiring!

  2. Beautiful textures inside these places. Your monkey has a nice spot with you =)

  3. You take such great photos, Shirley. I love that one with the instax (?) photos being held up :)

  4. Shirley, these are so lovely. Such a talent.

  5. These remind me of parts of old singapore and you captured them so well. I am liking the furry mascot.

  6. those are utterly pretty!! thanks for sharing

  7. Thank you Nileta, it's sweet of you.

    Hey Howie, those aren't my monkeys actually, they belong to my friend B, but I find them adorable.

    Hi Janis, the polaroids are from my friend's Fuji Cheki 7, it's a really cute camera.

    I love your photos too Amanda Jane =)

    Yeap you and me both Karen, yay to furry mascots.

    Thanks Barbara for dropping by!

  8. wow!! We didn't get to go to Macau, we were debating, but people kept telling me about the casinos and it threw me off. Your photos totally convinced me to go next time we go back! I also heard about their amazing Portuguese/Chinese food! Best in the world!

  9. Oh I was the same as you and Jin! But my HK friends assured me that there's more to the casinos so I went, and I didn't regret it!! Coloane is small but really quaint, I'm sure you and Jin will love it there.