A good friend, B who has cameoed in many of my photos before. The cute monkeys go wherever she goes, which means that these two have probably 'travelled' to more places than I've ever been to see.

Talking about travelling, I'll be off to Hong Kong for a month or so for work next week, so posting might get a bit slow here. It's a new job with what I would expect to be a near-vertical learning curve, but after the long break I'm looking forward to some good old-fashioned hard work again (I hope I'll still be saying this after the training *lol*)

I should be free on weekends to do some snapping here and there. It's not my first time to HK so I'll be happy to give all the major sights a miss. Bookmarked a small bunch of interesting places that I hope to check out with my minolta. Will definitely be dropping by here and here.

Update again hopefully soon! Have a great time this weekend =)

P.S>> I can't stop listening to this.


  1. Oooo....have fun in Hong Kong. I bet you'll come back with some great photographs! Also good for you for working so hard...new jobs are always a tricky transition for me. :)

  2. Thanks my dear S! (i remember that these 2 pics were taken from our 1st photo trip in japan ^^)...Great to meet u in HK next week! let us go your "here" and "here" together! (actually i didn't visit both places before, but believe me, i could bring u there, hehe)

  3. Looking forward to your HK pictures. Good luck with your new job!

  4. Cute, well-traveled monkeys! I also like taking pictures of people taking pictures of something else! :)

    Cheers on the new job and have a great time in HK!

  5. That bokeh in that second pic is dreamy! I saw Spirited Away twice and I don't think I understood all of it but that piece of music is lovely.. Have a good trip in HK!

  6. Oh, I love Spirited Away! Such a lovely story that never fails to tug my heart.

    You friend is really cute!

    & I'm excited that you're going to HK! I went there in february and I loved it! (: