So I conclude that working six-day weeks is tiring, but they make Sundays extra happy. These were all Sunday photos, 2 different weekends, but both just as happy.


  1. Will you always be working 6 day weeks or is it just temporary?

    In any case, these are so beautiful. That fifth one sort of blows my mind - I don't even understand it, but it's gorgeous (and very urban!)

    hope you sunday in two days is very very sweet! xo

  2. These are wonderful. I love the mixture.

  3. the 2 last ones are so surprising!
    love the red shirt/ cake photo:)

  4. Yeah.. the last 2 pictures are interesting

  5. Is the last pic a reflection of the high rises? Cool.

  6. dying to know what you did to that 5th photo especially, such a cool effect!

    love the 1st photo... i am forever wishing i lived somewhere with taller buildings :)

  7. Awesome those two last ones! Hope you have a great Sunday tomorrow, enjoy!!

  8. what a nice set. love the tree shot. and i am wondering whats the secret behind shot number 5. looks awesome. happy well deserved sunday :)

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments!! I had a really good Sunday today =)

    Oh in answer to that 5th shot, I wish to say that I'm some sort of photoshop genius but sadly that photo is s.o.o.c, I didn't do anything to it. It's actually an art piece done by a HK student here so no credit to me for that shot *lol*

    Hi Janis, nope I'm glad to say that it's only for these few weeks and that I'm done with working Saturdays (hopefully for good). You take care too and don't get too overwhelmed =)

    Elisabelle, that's my good friend B, she always has the nicest colours on her.

    Hey Karen, the last shot is actually not a reflection. There were these windows which were somehow distorting the view, I thought they looked like those ha-ha mirrors you get at funfairs or circuses^^

    CS & Wendy, I'm going home to the cats soon! HC is in Beijing now. I'll finally have some time to update myself on where you guys are and what you're doing soon.

  10. well that is one amazing art project! i love it!!


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