Sorry for the silence. I'm here and all has been busy busy. Just some snaps around with my natura classica, I've another 2 more rolls to go and excited. Will upload more soon =)

P.S>> Thanks for all your well wishes in the last post! Hope everyone is enjoying your Easter hols.


  1. i love this stroll around your place...
    love the colors, the perspectives/angles & aesthetic !
    one of the fab things about blogs, to me, is to be able to travel... virtually at least.

  2. Beautiful shots of Hong Kong. You capture the old style of Hong Kong perfectly. Totally reminded me of the place when I was young.

  3. I love seeing a city through your lens.

    How is the new job going? Well, I hope!

  4. Why do I have a feeling there's more beautiful shots coming up? :) As always, it's lovely out here.

    I suddenly miss HK and the street food in Mongkok.

  5. just found your site through "between seven and nine"... love love love your photos! bookmarking you :)

  6. Hi Valerie, yeap I know what you mean, I especially love it when people blog about a country that I'm going, it's like a having an instant online travel guide, with fantastic photos to boot!

    Howie & Alexandria, thank you!

    Hey Janis, it's going okay though the climb is rather uphill =) Will be dropping by your site for updates once I get some time!

  7. Hi Fran, my office's in Mong Kok actually so I've been eating there often, spicy vermicelli seems to be 'in' here now. If you're here we could go for some mango pudding =)

    Kitchu, ah you found me from Karen's site =) Thank you!

  8. love the second last shot so much. So hong kong!

  9. Yeap I found the grittiness of HK really photogenic, though living there is quite another thing I guess, thanks!!