My little home in HK for the month. I don't get to see it much but I like it.

Brunch and a long chat with my dear B at the Brunch Club in Soho. This one came from the South of Hollywood Road. Why are there so many 'Soho's around the world?

The good, bad and ugly about the Monocle shop which I was so looking forward to.
Good = the shop looked great.
Bad = the guy there was really unfriendly.
Ugly = back copies (which I really wanted to get) cost twice the price of the current issue   (!!!)

I hope their other shops in London and Tokyo are better.


  1. It's unfortunate that people working at the Monocle shop is unfriendly..How are the products there? Do they sell everything they have on the website? I don't understand how they would charge more for past issues than the current!!

  2. Compare to your last post, these pictures are capturing the more modern side of HK, combining old and new is what HK does best.

  3. Hi Shirley I am really enjoying your hk pictures. I look forward to more :) loving your place there too!

  4. that bed looks so comfy! and i hope you are doing well shirley! :)

  5. Hi May, yeap I was really quite disappointed. I'm not too sure about the website but I think I saw most of everything from their catalogues, you know the little pull-outs they always have in their magazines? Oh yes and the injustice of having to pay more for backcopies, a friend said it might be because they wanted to treat them as collectors' items *sigh*

    Hey Howie, thanks! Were you originally from HK? To be honest I found HK a bit overwhelming at first after sanitized Singapore, but I love how photogenic the place is! *lol*

    Karen! Thank you, vice-versa I'm waiting for more of your Aussie shots =)

    Hello long limbs, yeap I'm doing okay, though working 6-day weeks is a bit tiring! How are things at home? I'm gonna miss elections! =(

  6. Xiao jie, how are you adapting to staying in HK? missing you here in SG hee. You went Monocle! Yong wanted to visit this shop in HK too :) he is havig a biz trip in May, maybe he will join you out for some tea n dim sum :D, take care hee

  7. Hello WW, I'm okay in HK, but now that I'm starting to feel part of life here I'm going back soon *lol* I didn't know Yong likes the magazine too, I'm going home on the 15th, ask him to call me on my mobile if he wants to meet yah =) Thanks!

    Thank you Ida!!

  8. ahhh! I am going through all your hong kong pictures right now! I LOVE them! We didn't get to spend time in Soho or central too much, but next time I go, I really want to spend more time there! It feels so alive with energy!

  9. Thanks Celine! I'm enjoying your HK photos very much too. I think it gets even more lively at night because of Lan Kwai Fong, which is the clubbing area. I didn't stay that late because I'm really no clubber^^ Do spend some time at the Brunch Club if you go Soho, we really loved it there!