Yummy rice muffins, steamed instead of baked. 

Lovely Ateliers Penelope bags and Fog linens found in Singapore. Had a chat with Atomi shop owner Mitsuko san, she's really friendly. Do go check them out if you happen to be in Singapore.

HC did a rare thing and went clothes shopping. I think I love those french linen shirts more than he does.

Jiji the cat demonstrating how to always sit on the cushioned side of the seat, no matter how little of that cushion there might be, oh and showing off her favourite birds-ambushing spot.

How was your March? =)


  1. I love these Shirley esp jiji in the last pic, he could pass off as a posb piggy bank ! I have another place to check out this weekend thanks!

  2. i didn't notice the muffins were steamed instead of baked until you mentioned it. looks so good! oh jiji, why are you so precious? my march was good. i ate a lot of food, got a lot of sleep and spent too much money since it's finally the end of school. yours look so much fun!

  3. that last photo is brilliant. but of course, all of them are lovely!

  4. oh i simply LOVE ur key chain. its adorable! :)

  5. You added extra style to the shirt with your pictures. Love the composition of the last picture.

  6. Atomi looks so cosy and homey; will definitely make a trip down :) And those muffins look delicious and sound healthier! Where were they from?

    My March was spent picking up pieces and learning to be stronger. I also got myself a new camera, and am looking forward to using it this month :)

  7. Jiji looks like a real sweetheart. I love your key chain, it's so cute.

  8. the last photo is gorgeous.Wonderfully.

  9. I can't believe march is over! Fog looks amazing. Thanks for the link Shirley!

  10. You take a very beautiful photos!ciao ciao

  11. Karen: POSB piggy bank! Haha that made me laugh, I can imagine the coin slot at the back of her little head.

    Long limbs: Yeap they look like regular muffins don't they? But somehow I like the steamed ones better, you know like the ones you can get at the pasar malams? Happy that your March sounded good!

    Janis: Thank you! Hope you're enjoying your Vancouver stay =)

    Sen.si jes, Studio Meez: Thank you! I always have trouble trying to find my keys in my big bags so I wanted an extra gigantic keychain that would be easy to find. It's my fave Russian character, Cheburashka =)

    Howie: Thanks^^ My husband so seldom buy clothes that I thought these were pretty photo-worthy *lol*

    zsixshutter: Yeap Atomi is nice though the things can be a bit pricey. Those muffins are from Mushiya Steamers at Ion Orchard. I'll be looking forward to those photos from your new camera.

    Li+Belle: Thanks, that's my bedroom actually.

    Amanda Jane: You're totally welcome =) Yeap time flies doesn't it, it feels to me as though we had just had New Year's.

    Tiziana: Thank you!

  12. your cat + your blog: lovelyness :)
    glad i came by...

  13. Shirley, I really love HC's linen shirt! Where is it from? Oh and Jiji just has the most perfect postures all the time.

  14. Hi Anna, thanks for the sweet comment =)

    Hi May, it's from Uniqlo actually (http://www.uniqlo.com), we love that shop, the designs are nice and the prices always reasonable, but I'm not sure whether it's made its way to Canada. Thanks a lot Jiji sends her love^^

  15. dear Shirley
    I come across your BEAUTIFUL blog today only :( and this is LOVE at the first sight ! for now I'll look only at the photos and I'll come back to actually READ a little later... because this is too much beauty & aesthetic at the same time and my eyes are filled with wonderful sparkles !