I must admit I'm feeling a little sheepish here on several fronts.

Firstly, I didn't know that there was a difference between the golden hour and blue hour until today. I've always thought they were the same thing for the longest time. On hindsight now I'm thinking, how can they be the same when one is golden and the other is blue? Oh and the 3 photos above? That's the golden hour (I think).

Secondly, I've been staring at my Flickr account login page for more than a week now, completely and utterly incapable of recalling my password and username. My computer was in a critical condition a few weeks ago and the hard disk couldn't be revived so gone were all my important stored information too. 

HC was incredulous when I told him I can remember nothing of my Flickr account ("you didn't write it down anywhere?", "yeah I did... ...in my computer") *lol*. I guess I just have a knack for getting into fixes like this. Meanwhile I shall continue to stare at it in hope that some lucky streak of my memory will strike me.

Thanks a lot for all the well wishes for my interviews, they were a little tough (written tests, TV conference interviews etc... ...) but I guess I tried my best. Now to wait for news!


  1. Never heard of this golden and blue hour before. I like the last picture with the sun sparkling in the water.

  2. First I heard of blue hour also. The 3 golden pics here are beautiful. I think golden remains my favorite hour.

  3. wah sounds so chim.... both regarding the golden/ blue hour and the interviews.


  4. I've always been a fan of the blue hour, because of the mystical feel it brings. But nothing quite the golden hour to spell tranquility, much like you've captured in these gorgeous shots :)

  5. Love these pics! I didn't think of the differences until now. Thanks.

  6. i love the blue hour in the morning. i like it when i'm kinda reminded that at that point of time, most people are still sleeping. watching the blue hour makes me feel like i'm watching a secret unveiling on its own. beautiful shots as always shirley. my favourite is the first picture :)

  7. Hi Shirley,

    I wanted to award you with the Versatile Blogger Award. I posted (http://ahappypeach.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/thank-you-for-the-award-tien/) you as a winner and am hoping that you will accept it. The rules ask that you list seven random things about yourself and that you award the prize to 15 (although not everyone does) people. Please let me know if you accept the award.


  8. Studio meez, Howie: Hey thanks! Blue hour for me is a more recent thing, usually photographers talk more about the golden hour.

    Elisabelle: Thanks for dropping by!

    CS & Wendy: Yah TV conference interview was a first for me, it felt so damn weird, talking to a camcorder.

    zsixshutter: Thanks, yeap I find the blue hour pretty too but somehow it feels hard to capture that beauty on film.

    Karen: I was worse, I've always assumed they were the same.

    Long limbs: I know what you mean, unfortunately I can never wake up that early *lol*

    D: Hi thanks for the award, it's really nice of you, but I think it'll be kinda hard for me to follow the rules, I don't think I can find 15 new blogs (I only follow photo blogs), so I think I'll pass. Thanks again anyway and congrats!

  9. the first picture looks so magic. love how the sun spreads her golden light. i am more a golden hour person i guess ;)