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Do you sometimes get a headache trying to handle portrait shots? There you have it, landscape photos lining up nicely one after the other in a new post and suddenly... ...a vertical. I guess I could just close one eye and lay it out as it is, but the truth is it irks me (I probably have some hidden OCD somewhere). So here's how I usually deal with vertical shots to keep my peace of mind. Another reason why I love diptychs^^

Hope everyone's having a calm and easy weekend.


  1. I have the same problem with vertical photos, I've realized that I rarely even take them anymore because I don't like the way they would look on a blog! So silly! :) Pairing them to make diptychs is a good idea :)

  2. Wow! Such a lovely set of photos! btw. I was wondering what film do you usually shoot with!?

  3. omg me too! i have this problem and i really hate it when there's a portrait in the middle of my landscape. i end up not posting the pictures up though just cause i can't handle it haha!

    so many favourites in this set of pictures. i especially like the letterbox and the lone leaf.

  4. Karen: Thank you!! =)

    Katja: Hello, thanks for dropping by. Yeap I would love it if some genius come up with a layout solution for us *lol* I really like your photos, glad you're back to blogging!

    Sleepingwalkingintokyo: Hi, for this set I was shooting mostly with DNP centuria film and the Fujifilm reala. Unfortunately the centuria has been discontinued *many tears*. Nowadays I use the Solaris and Fujifilm superia more often as those are the easier ones to get here. Solaris gives really beautiful colours =)

    Long limbs: Thanks always! Yeap same here, I have this thing when I take a portrait shot and kind of remember it so that I can try to take another one within the same roll so that I can post it up. Think I'm going a bit nuts over this *lol*

  5. oh, how lovely. i specially liked the poppy, the small little white flowers and the heart shaped autumn leave. beautiful pictures :)

    and yes, the vertical photo-problem sounds very familiar to me too. specially cause i am kind of a vertical and not so much horizontal shooter. so i am also always looking for pairs :)

  6. me too! when I upload to flickr it really annoys me that there is one portrait and all the rest landscape GRRR

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  8. The monkeys are so cute!
    Beautiful photos

  9. Elisabelle: Thanks for always dropping by!

    sen.si jes, Katyha: Yeap the vertical problem is annoying isn't it? Though many people have told me just to upload the verticals as they are and not be so fussy about it, but I just can't! Thanks for your comment!

    Sight: *lol* The monkeys, they belong to a good friend of mine. The big one we nicknamed 'Kimu-Taku' (after the actor Kimura Takuya) because there was once we were at a movie and we realized that the lil monkey was wearing the same clothes as the actor in the show, it was hilarious.

  10. I really like these snaps! What is this place?

    1. They're actually taken around various places in and around Tokyo :)