I'm uploading this to a background of "Wheeee"... ..."Snort snort"... ..."CRASH". That's HC playing with the 'angry birds' game in the living room. My laptop has tragically died on me and is now at the Sony hospital. In Chinese we have a saying, "中看不中用" which basically means "Good to see but not that great for use", and I think it perfectly fits the description of my wretched laptop, which has only been with me for maybe 6 months? HC claims that because I've monopolized his computer so he has nothing to do but to play with that fly-the-crazy-birds game. To tell the truth that cheeky opening tune is totally stuck in my head.

These were shot when HC was away for 2 weeks recently. I basically messed around the kitchen, tried out recipes and got my poor friends over to be guinea pigs (I do have the best friends^^). My mom fell victim too and the above were shots of what I cooked for lunch for the both of us *lol* If you're looking to try a new salad sauce to go with your greens I highly recommend japanese sesame mayo dressing, it's basically yum on everything!


  1. Ooh that looks delicious! I must try that dressing one day. Great pics.

  2. everything looks amazing....I'm so sorry about your laptop though...my fingers are crossed that it will be fixed alright.

  3. I love sesame dressings!! How do you make Japanese sesame mayo dressing?

  4. Elisabelle, Howie: Thank you!!

    Karen: Yeap do try it and let me know what you think =) I think you can easily get them in any NTUC now.

    Amanda Jane: Thanks for being so sweet, it's still at the hospital, I'm kinda having some withdrawal symptoms from not having my computer around I think *lol*

    May: Me too! Sadly I don't know how to make it from scratch, I usually get them from the bottle, but I recently found this website that teaches you how to make it (http://www.ifood.tv/network/sesame_mayonnaise/recipes) I think I'm going to try it =)