The last of my old natura shots for a while. I'm kind of in a dilemma because using the film here meant that I would have to send it to the labs here, and I get irked by the quality and the results I get. But if I'm going to keep up standards that would mean that I can only use it when I go Japan, which is rather silly really (though I do go to Japan a bit too much *lol*). I need a find good reliable lab that can do 1600 film properly... ...


  1. these are so beautiful. i hope you are able to figure out a solution to your film dilemma!

  2. I so L-O-V-E these shots.

    I wish I could advise, too new to film and too impatient waiting for my local store to develop them :(

  3. Lovely!! I really like the one of the miniature train and the boy!

  4. janis: Hello! I've actually found a few highly recommended places on the web, but I would have to go out of the way just to get to them so it's kinda frustrating. Thanks anyway!

    Karen: I love your film shots, can't wait to see them. Remember a time when they still had those 1 hour photo thingys? Wish we still had those now.

    Ida: Thank you!! It was taken at the train museum in Japan. Let me know if you're going Japan one day I'll give you the link =)

  5. and again: awesome pictures.
    looking at them is like going on a small journey.

    i will add u to my bloglovin!
    greetings from germany :)

  6. Hi sen.si jes: Thanks, I'm honoured =) Sending warm wishes from Singapore too!

  7. Gorgeous shots! You are very talented.

  8. Hi Jutta, thanks you're very kind.


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