Such a great shop, Rockstar at Cineleisure. Interestingly, fellow blogger Karen also talked about the place recently too. See her version here.

The rest are of Colbar (short for Colonial Bar) at the old Portsdown British quarters. We love it there for big trees, wide spaces, and not forgetting, the marmite sandwiches.


  1. your photos make me so excited to go to singapore one day...

  2. Ooh you make rockstar come alive in your film shots! I love your shots of coldbar, it makes me want to visit.

  3. Beautiful shots! I notice you're using a Minolta; may I ask which model? I'm looking into a Minolta Hi-matic F, but am currently still undecided between that and a contina :P

  4. janis: Oh do come! It'll be fun to have a cuppa together^^

    Karen: Haha thanks, I think your photos brought out the details better though^^ Portsdown area is really interesting, you should check it out!

    zsixshutter: Hi and thank you! I'm using a Minolta X-700. It's a normal 35mm camera, but I've had it for a while and like it very much =)

  5. i found your blog :) !!!
    rockstar shld pay u for taking such nice photos for their shop hee.
    Gal when is our drinking session!??

    - xiaomei from ricoh

  6. Xiaomei!! Hello!! What a surprise to see you here, no wonder just now Yong was talking about my blog in the sms *lol* Thanks for saying nice things. Yong says he will organize so I'll probably see you guys soon!