Yes it's really been a while.
I was looking back at my last post and that was more than a year back! Last year, a little pea came into our lives and what should I say, life got the better of us.
In the course of nursing, diaper-changing and bottle-washing the little pea suddenly turned one and we thought, maybe it's time to hit the road again.
Iceland (ahhh) was still rather much too ambitious so we headed off to good old Japan instead. I think much has been said about travelling with a baby and I won't go into the details but looking back, amidst the fatigue and inconvenience, there were these snatched moments of beauty that maybe, just maybe made it all worthwhile.
More to share, for as long as the baby naps :)


  1. I was wondering where you went! Aw she's a cutie pie. Congratulations Shirley, she has a lovely smile, perhaps a shutter bug in the making soon : ) Lovely pics.

    1. Thank you Karen! It's so good to hear from you! How have you been doing? I don't get so much time with my iPad now so haven't been able to keep up with everyone's blogs like I used to. Haha I hope she'll like cameras though now all she wants to grab is my phone!

  2. Caught your updates eventually!!!
    Great places and photos, and lovely pea ^^ (and happy papa, hahaha...)

  3. Brenda! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️