Or so I would believe what they say, after losing count on our way to the top.

Things I remembered fondly about that day:

Ditching the stroller halfway up the mountain, and trusting that it will still be there for us on the way down (it's Japan afterall).

Kindly people calling out "頑張って(ganbatte)" and "大変だね" as they walked past HC with the little pea on the steps.

Little pea pointing out "Kitsune the Fox!" all through the climb and having her taste of ice-cream for the first time.

Chatting with a friendly French couple who played with the pea during our break. "Comment ça va?" was as far as my French went but it does help to break the ice and bring on a smile. Maybe I need to make some time for my French again...language is such as special thing.

@The Fushimi Inari

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