On the second day we headed to the Higashiyama region for the Shimogamo Jinja and Chionji Temple. Both were lesser known by Kyoto standards, but I was drawn to the prior which was nestled in a small forest and the latter because of the monthly handcrafted flea market.

 The temple in the little forest.

It was so lovely and uncrowded and peaceful.

The little pea instantly fell asleep and we had a stolen quiet moment to ourselves listening to the rustling of the leaves.

Staple of every Japan trip, while HC got high on highball.

We made it just in time for the flea market. So many stalls, so little time.

Little pea was really busy going "wooo" over things that caught her eye and smiling and waving to the ojisans and obasans who kept calling out to her. Poor HC was even busier trying not to let her grab everything in her way while I poked around.

It was a very good day *lol*

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