We spent several days in Skagen, a well-loved seaside holiday at the very northern tip of Denmark. We were a little worried about the weather (forecasts for T-storms!), but a lovely local lady said to us before we went, "Don't worry, in Denmark we say that it's sunshine everyday in Skagen."

It might be pure Danish optimism, but it really did bring a smile to our faces.

From top:

Characteristic yellow houses in Skagen. Buildings here are all in varying shades of this sunny yellow. I wonder why.

Laundry is always a big part of our travels, we like to pack light. Accommodation was at the Skagen Holiday and we had an apartment all to ourselves. Jorgen who rented us the place was so nice, when we asked about a laundromat in town he simply offered us his own washing machine.

Near the wharves. Fresh fish and seafood are still being brought up the port everyday and you can see the auctions going on in the mornings if you're early enough.

We had lunch at the Pakhuset. Their mussels were the best I've ever had, so fresh with none of that heavy aftertaste I dislike about seafood.

Later, a stroll at the old part of the town. We took a long time choosing from among the millions of pebbles, this time we brought home one that looked exactly like a danish butter cookie :)

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