We dropped by the Skagens Museum for some afternoon cake and to check out the Skagen painters. This was the studio of the famous Peder Severin Krøyer and his wife, the beautiful Marie Krøyer.

The dining room of the Brøndum Hotel, where artists used to gather, eat and socialize in the late 1800s. I was tickled by the hanging portraits of artists who would paint each other when they visited. It was just like what we would do with photos now.

I know a Van Gogh when I see one but otherwise I'm lost in the world of fine art, but this Skagen style of painting of light fascinates me. It felt so much like taking a photo that I was compelled to wonder which point I would have taken the light metering from. I can't believe this light was painted.

The Garden House, one of the oldest buildings in Skagen, now a cafe.

First time trying a rhubarb tart.

And where we finally ended up. All good things finish with some coffee and cake, don't you think? ;)


  1. I hope to visit the Skagens museum one day, it looks incredible!

    1. Yes! The garden was especially pretty, and the paintings made me feel like maybe fine art's not that hard to appreciate afterall :)