An extremely random post.

Though I'm trying hard to keep up with the shooting.

There was an Hermes exhibition at the now defunct KTM railway station.

It was only later that I realized I was probably more interested in the venue than anything else. I have no photos of the exhibition at all in this row.

We need more rain here honestly. It's been so hot.

Strolling in parks near home.

A favourite basket. My mom used to store oranges in it but gave it to me after she saw that I liked it.

Another new favourite. A birthday present from HC.

It's a two-way linen bag, big and strong enough for my cameras but small enough for my frame. I love it.

Introducing Ebi, named after Ebi-chan just for laughs. Though perhaps she does have her own supermodel look.

A book and a cat and a bed. A perfect Sunday afternoon.


  1. Hi Shirley

    This is Chiemi!
    Sorry, long time no write.

    Ebi-chan is so beautiful.
    very slim and noble.
    I like her colour.
    Is she your new family member?

    By the way, I have send you e-mail.
    Have you checked it already?
    I would like to send some package for you
    so I need to know your adress.

    Happy birtyday☆

    1. Chiemi! Thanks so much! Unfortunately the package came while I was out so it's waiting for me at the post office. Will email you again soon!

  2. Lovely moments. This is what keeping a journal is all about. Happy birthday.

  3. Oh, Ebi is gorgeous! She's definitely a super-cat-model. I love your new linen bag. Super pretty.

  4. haven't given the rail tracks a chance. I really need to, when they're opened again for something. love the pictures!

    1. It feels a lot different from when it was fully operational. The last time I was there years back I took a 12-hour train to Kelantan (crazy I know), and it felt messy and dirty and confusing. They've cleaned it up really nicely, I've never even realized the building's art deco before.

  5. Cute Ebi the cat. Is she a ginger? Most of all I love your mom basket. I love baskets too so very fond of basket with memory. I added your blog on my blog list. Hope it's okay - Hugs Nat

    1. Of course! I'm honoured to be added, but Nat I seem to have some problems when I try to visit your blog, maybe you can send me a link instead. Oh and Ebi's a light grey tabby, my other cat Jiji's a ginger.

  6. Happy birthday Shirley. A very belated one but the best of wishes all the same. Lovely series of pics.

  7. Thank you for your kind wishes, I know it's been so long since I last posted, but I take so long to finish a roll!

  8. i just found your blog and love it :)