A short trip up north to Malacca, to be honest I didn't expect to find the place so photogenic. 

If you ever venture there, I would say ignore the main Jonker Street with its kitschy imported souvenirs and  explore the little alleys around, the real treasures lie there instead.

Someone was asking me about the little white round things in the 3rd photo, just wanted to clarify, that's not fishballs but the chicken rice balls that are famous in Malacca.


  1. This series is wonderful! I love small suspenssions for plants ...

  2. This place looks really special! I love the framed old newspaper clippings.

  3. Studio meez, Kitchu & Kristin: Thank you!! It was a really interesting place, and lots of good food!

    Sandrine: Thanks for your sweet comment =) I think the suspensions are made from coconut shells, which can be easily found here in the tropics. I was so tempted to buy a bunch of them home!

    Celine: Good to hear from you (and little char siu bao)! The clippings were talking chinese foot binding in the past. This shop I found was still doing these tiny 3-inch long shoes by hand. I guess no one wears them now but the craftsmanship blew me away.