I think anyone who knows me can tell that I'm not big on shopping, but the moment I stepped into this clay house I knew I was in some danger.

After chatting a bit with the maker, Mr. Leong Chee Hsiung, he was kind enough to let us see his studio at the back of the shop. It took all the self control I had to leave with just 2 pieces of his work, one for myself and a gift for a friend.

Don't miss it if you happen to be there.

The Clay House
18, Jalan Tukang Emas,
75200 Melaka


  1. stunning photos, would love to visit. I like the crispness of the shadows

  2. oh my... i love these mugs!!!!
    this would be a very dangerous place for me too ;)

  3. what beautiful work, and captured so beautifully by your eye :) the tones in these photographs is so beautiful.

  4. What a beautiful, earthy place!

  5. I love your last two posts. The photos are really beautiful and have transported me there. How amazing! Thanks!

  6. Thank you everyone! I'm sure the maker will be very happy if he sees all your comments about his work. I was hanging around there for such a long time because I just couldn't decide which one I should bring home!

    Elisabelle & Caroline: I would love to bring you there someday, my hands could not stop clicking =)

  7. Oh, I don't think I could leave this place with just two pieces of his work!

    Great pictures as always.

  8. Thank you Ai san, your comment reminded me of the basket shop you mentioned in one of your earlier posts and that very expensive basket that you so wanted to bring home. I would have been in danger in that shop too ;)