So who says HK isn't green?

I find the grittiness of HK photogenic but I desperately need green breathers.

From top:
HK Heritage Discovery Centre, the colonial building was more interesting than the artifacts. It was the old Whitfield Barracks.

Greens in Kowloon Park, cafe in Sheung Wan, Victoria Park.


  1. love the depth of field in the second and third shots and your camera is adorable and those trees are AMAZING.

  2. I like a balance of urban gritty & nature's green too :) Have a lovely week, Shirley! xoxo

  3. this is so lovely. i am in love with the frist two pictures. is that a banyan tree? it looks so beautiful.

  4. I really love the fourth photo. I think HK is so much greener than Shanghai! My skin feels more moist and my lungs feel a bit less strained. :)

  5. How lovely! I like especially the 3th.

  6. These pictures feel very relaxing.

  7. Shirley these are great, certainly looks like sights to go for a breather :)

  8. it is indeed ! and i love it through your eyes ! how cool are these seats at the café !!!

  9. Kitchu: I love trees too, that camera is a Minolta X-700.

    Janis: That's probably why I love your photos too ;)

    Amanda Jane, Kristin, Howie: Thank you!!

    Sewon: Hello thanks for dropping by. I haven't had the chance to see Shanghai yet but I have a feeling it's going to be photogenic too^^

    sen.siˈʝes, I'm not too sure but I think it might be =)

    Karen: Yeap my friends kept laughing that my photos are getting more and more un-HK like. I think it's time I post some skyscraper shots.

    Valerie: I loved the chairs too! I actually deliberated over whether I should have a second coffee just to have a chance to sit on those seats *lol*

  10. I totally adore hong kongs grittiness!
    but I was really pleasantly surprised at the amount of parks and mountains there were. LOVE the last photo so much.

  11. Hey Celine, actually me too. At the first glance there seemed to be nothing but concrete to me, I must say though that the love of HK kind of grew on me. Thanks!