The infamous Mido Cafe, and a popular venue for movie sets. Local friends say it's not really considered a Cha Chaan Teng because the dishes they serve are a bit different. I was a bit shy to take out my Minolta at first as it was crowded, then I had a look around and saw lots of diners with even bigger cameras and happily snapped away *lol*


  1. NIce pics. Can smell the milk teas! I would love to go and take pictures there.

  2. Haha, I LOVE that about Hong Kong! I'd be eating a delicious at a small crowded place and feeling shy about taking out my camera, then I'd see other food fanatics snapping shots of their meal. :]

  3. so good! i adore your photos so much.

  4. I can't help staring at the third picture. Its been a while since I opened a window that way. Sure brings back nice memories for me :)

  5. i get very shy when i'm taking pictures too! but i'm glad that didn't stop you from capturing these. very lovely!

  6. lucky us. we get to know the coolest places through ur lens. i love picture number 3. the composition and colours, great!

  7. those old style windows! BEST.
    I wish I knew to go here!!! Next time, for sure!

  8. Elisabelle: Thank you!

    Howie: Milk tea is something I can't do without everyday. I especially love the Asian version with sweet condensed milk =) That place was really photogenic, thanks!

    Sewon: Yeap but I heard that it happens even more in Taiwan, got to go and see it for myself. Have you been?

    Kitchu: Thank you, that's so sweet of you.

    Karen: Yeap I wished flats still come with these windows *lol*

    Long limbs: Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    sen.si.jes: Thanks, it's always double the fun to share. I like looking at your pictures too =)

    Celine: I'm sure you'll make your way there someday. I'll be waiting for your pictures!!