More natura shots.

I've been reading up on the slow movement lately. No lofty aspirations but this year I would really like to cook more, buy less and sleep more.

What about you?


  1. those sound like all such good things... which reminds me, i really need to go to bed. thanks for sharing the lovely photos. xo

  2. Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog! I like your Japan film photos :)

  3. I love this series of pictures! I think I need to downshift as well- for me it'll be spend less, get out more and sleep more!

  4. janis: Thanks! Hope you managed to get some good beauty sleep^^

    sleepwalkingintokyo: No problem, I was a former fellow gaijin as well, was studying there for a while. Enjoyed your photo too, thanks!

    pierre: Thank you!!

    Karen: Yeap I really like that idea of downshifting, it's such a relief to know that you can choose not to be in the rat race. Do get out more though, I'll like to see more of your nice pics!

  5. old photos, sweet memories...thanks my dear ^^

  6. ooh, those milk bottles (?) in the first picture looks so huge haha! i like the picture of the railway track and the udon shop since both sceneries aren't something we always get to see here in singapore.

    and to answer your question from my previous comment, i do the same thing too! sometimes i alternate between fujifilm and kodak and they always give different results.

    i think for this year, i want to sleep more and be more adventurous. i think it's funny how we will never get enough sleep hehe.

  7. draw more, click the shutter more, talk less, observe more.

  8. Brenda: Hahah I thought you might comment after seeing this series. You're my best model!

    Long limbs: The milk bottles were rather small actually I think it might be my angle while shooting (or maybe I was too greedy and wanted more milk).

    I'm thinking of looking for another developing centre but I think it might be quite a pain if it's too far, sighz the days when you could develop film anywhere and everywhere.

    I'm finding the 'sleep more' mantra a bit hard to keep, hope you're doing good with yours! =)

    Lily X: *lol* It might be quite a problem for me to 'talk less', do click the shutter more I really like your film photos^^