We have a guest cat in our home.

Kit Cat will be living with us for around a year while his real parents go on their grand tour around Europe. He's a rather easygoing cat and so far they've been getting along charmingly, what with chasing and pouncing and rolling together and friendly swatting, oh and not forgetting those wet nose kisses, it's really entertaining to watch.

His parents have an interesting blog on their grand tour, you can take a look here. I'll also be guest blogging now and then (basically posting photo evidence that their cat is still well and alive *lol*).

Jiji will be sharing her photo series with him from now on, and this is the cheesiest title I can think of, did you get the pun?^^


  1. This post just made me seriously considering to get a cat when I have my own place!! These two are so endearing.

  2. hehe jiji looks so affectionate towards kit cat here

  3. i can't help it but to go awwww when i saw the last picture. is jiji always friendly to other cats?

  4. that second shot is the sweetest thing ever.

  5. Hi! this is Chiemi.
    Jiji got new friend?
    they are so sweet♪♪

  6. May: I find them the easiest pets really, easy to take care, easy to love. I would so look forward to seeing photos of your cat ;)

    CS, Wendy: They sniff at each other a lot. Recently took to wrestling though^^

    Hermine: Thank you!!

    long limbs: Actually Jiji's usually very territorial, there's a stray that would come up to our door at times at night and it would drive her nuts! I think this time we just somehow lucked out, thanks!

    Alice: Thanks!

    Chiemi: Hello!!! It is very nice to hear from you!!友達の夫婦は8ヶ月もヨーロッパへ旅行することとなったから、暫くこの子を預かっているの。千葉もこれから段々暖かくなっていくはずだね、ハナちゃ んはまだコタツに入っているかな^^