I'm laughing as I'm uploading these because I can imagine the reactions from my friends, "What! You knit?!" Yes my dear friends, I've actually known how to knit since I was a little girl in plaits, it's probably one of my best kept secrets *lol*

I picked it up again recently because I wanted coasters for my home but couldn't find anything I like, so I've decided to go DIY. For now I'm finding it terribly therapeutic, highly recommended for people with insomnia!

Edit>> The deer was a toy I picked up from Nara recently, can't believe that was last year already, do you recognize it B?


  1. hahaha...u knit...i cannot imagine the picture that u are kniting something with full concentration...it seems fine, good work! ^^
    of course i remember this lovely deer! we spent plenty of time to find it, although u still complain it is not big enough...hehe

  2. Hahah I forgot that I was looking for something bigger, I think I went quite crazy over buying shika toys. Thanks Brenda for walking all the way with me, miss you.

  3. can i request for a beanie? hehe... u can make it when u are in Kl for CNY, haha....

  4. Haha beanies are too challenging, how about a loongg scarf?