I've been so busy in Japan meeting up with friends that I haven't managed to upload anything. It has been an incredible trip. Strange to be back in Singapore after more than a month, maybe because I've been moving around a lot, especially the last leg in Japan where I was doing Tokyo->Hakone->Kamakura->Tokyo->Chiba within a week. 

These are the photos of downtown Minneapolis where I was staying. Heavy heavy snow. I was walking back from the museum when it started to pelt ice pellets, which was actually quite painful (imagine someone throwing small ice cubes at you). It continued for like maybe another five, ten minutes and I was thinking I'm going to get blue-black from this when the ice suddenly turned into large flakes of gorgeous white snow, and that continued throughout the day into evening. My feet were numb from the cold but I didn't want to go inside. It's not the first time I've seen snow but I've forgotten how beautiful it is. 

I'll have more photos of Minneapolis in the next post, meanwhile I've got to clean the house before my cat gets back ;)

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