Putting this up while waiting for HC to get back from work. We're all packed and will be moving out from Mankato to Minneapolis tonight. It's really windy out but I wanted to explore the little hills some distance away from our hotel so I zipped up my coat and went out for a long walk. Saw more cute houses, a school, bunch of squirrels on a berry tree with their bushy tails up, a husky playing about on the ice. It looked happy. I wish people would stop bringing the poor dogs into Singapore. It's like wearing a thick fur coat that you can't take off in the heat and it's cruel.

I also love how many of the houses have these little bird houses hanging in their front yards, where they leave out food for the birds. That's going to be the first thing I'm going to buy if I get to live in a house one day. If ever.

Oh about the funny story. We came back last night from dinner, groaning from the gigantic potions of onion rings and ribs and chips, when we found a little note slipped under our door. Here's exactly what it said.


I have overheard you a couple of times in the last few days,
and I was curious what language it is.

Just curious.

Neighbor in 607


We were a bit embarrassed at first that someone could hear our "hahahas" and our nonsensical jokes. But we decided to reply him (or her) in the end. So we wrote a short note back saying that we're from Singapore and we speak a unique language called "Singlish". "It's mainly English mixed with a bunch of words from Chinese, Cantonese, Hokkien and Malay", and we told him to wiki it if he's interested.

Just a silly story actually but we're proud to have done our little bit in spreading the virtues of our "national language" *lol*

Okay, HC's back. Gotta go.

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