These are going to be the last of the photos from Stockholm for a while. It's funny to be uploading these in my hotel room in Minnesota. I'll be here for around 2 weeks with HC as he's here for work. The past 2 weeks I spent in Tokyo while in transit and it's been great. My brother was there for the first half and then a good friend, B from Hong Kong flew in to join me for the second and we've been busy sightseeing and overeating *lol* Yes, I've been having quite a wild time being jobless.

Well, since time and money seems to be so mutually exclusive and I would never be able to take such a long trip if I'm working, might as well enjoy myself while I can. Have some rolls developed from Japan, will be uploading them soon!


  1. hey, photos are great!!! waiting for your coming photos upload!~ brenda ^^

  2. halo halo dear brenda, thanks! i've been checking out your photos via HC's facebook^^ the photos you developed in tokyo look really good, well worth the money!