Be warned if you're feeling hungry now, because this is going to be a long post on all the places where we've been stuffing our faces in Stockholm. You're going to be seeing a lot of meatballs and beer (yum!)

One of the dinners we had at Fridhemsplan. Can't remember the name of the grill restaurant, but this was where we were first introduced to Swedish beer by the friendly waitress. The "S" on the beer glass is for local brand Spendrups. Top photo is the view from the restaurant.

Skansen again. This is the charming Flickorna Helin Voltaire found just outside the gates of the museum. This is also where we stretched our legs for some hot chocolate and coffee after the walking around all day. The building housing the cafe looks like a small castle doesn't it?

Pickwick's Restaurant and Pub near Kungsträdgården station. I wanted local food but didn't want meatballs, so the waitress recommended Swedish hotchpotch. It's full of yummy bits like bacon, potatoes, ham and egg.

The cutest cafe, Muffin Bakery at Fridhemsplan. HC had a blueberry cheesecake muffin, perfect if you're struggling between a cheesecake or a muffin.

1>> Östermalm area, where many rich Swedes live.
2>> Sandwiches and hot chocolate at Café Tidemans, beside my favourite Musik Museet.

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