And so Sunday passed lazily without me uploading a single photo, ended up having waffles with my friends and playing with my cat, ha!

Anyway about Stockholm. It's an interesting place to be as it's actually a city of islands joined up by many many bridges. The islands naturally form different districts, and Soldermalm district or the Soder is easily one of my favourites. I liked it so much that I went back again the following week just to hang out (one of those HC-in-office days). There's such a nice vibe about the place, you get the SoFo stretch that is all bohemian and happening and yet there are also lots of peaceful quiet corners to be found.

If you walk along Folkungagatan, and turn round a corner, you'll find this long flight of wooden steps leading up to some kind of hilly looking area, and that's where you'll find Fjallgatan, a small old residential street with lots of cute-looking houses dating back to the 18th century. The streets were quite empty the first time I was there, so my ugly Singaporean instinct kicked in and I actually stuck my face into quite a few of the low-lying windows. 

Only later then I found out from a book that Swedish people actually enjoy letting people look into their beautiful homes. It must be sort of like those "I know your home looks nothing like mine, so go on look in and go green with envy" kind of thing.

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